Final of the Bake Off

This week has been a busy one with it being the final of the Bake Off, at last we can talk about the winner, it’s been a long, long time holding that secret. My friend Caroline had a party at her house and we all took bakes, it was a great night, even though I was shattered having been on the 5:25 bus to BBC Radio Leeds. (Glad it was radio and not telly, at that time of morning my make up bag failed to get me camera ready!)

I couldn’t stay out and party too late as it was Extra Slice filming the next day down at television centre and I had to make myself as presentable as possible for that.

I had got myself a new red animal print suit and some shiny boots, so I felt the part. I was chosen to present Kim Joy with her special cake at the end of her slot, the cake was so heavy I was worried I might go flying due to those shiny new boots, I held myself together and did OK.

It was just great all twelve bakers re-united, we had a lovely meal provided somewhere in Notting Hill. I bailed out early and went back to a very fancy pants hotel, the other bakers stayed up late and made the most of it. It was the icing on the cake of an incredible year, I got home mid afternoon the next day, then I got to watch the episode on Friday in the comfort of my living room, what a week it was!

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  • Hi Karen, Christine and Colin, from the front row, dropping a line from Harrogate. Loved watching you bake during the last couple of days at the Harewood Show. Your savoury cheesecake was absolutely amazing! Tasted divine but your embellishments were incredible. I totally understood about your showstoppers then. You really take baking to a different level. A feast for the eyes as well as the palate. You are a true professional coping with the conditions you were trying to combat- an oven that didn’t work, gales blowing through the marquee blowing the gas out and breaking dishes. You maintained your sang froid throughout. Loved your useful tips peppered throughout your demonstrations and your strong streak of down to earth sensible Yorkshireness. Look forward to seeing you soon somewhere again in the near future. Christine xxx

    • Hi Christine and Colin,
      you know that is so fantastic getting a message out of the blue like that, thank you so much for taking the time and thought to send such uplifting and encouraging words to me. I am so new to this arena and feel like I am just bumbling along but having the best time myself at the same time, its fab when it is not just me enjoying it.
      Both of you sitting there egging my along with your beaming smiles was a real boon, I loved it when Colin could tell me if the gas was on or not. It is a performance and the feel of the audience and the vibration in the room affects everything, I have learned that so far,this weekend is my fifth gig and it is a learning curve, not just the day itself but the thought at home about what to do and how to do it.
      I just read your message to John and he wanted to say thanks too, he knows how chuffed I am to receive it.
      So I look forward to seeing you both again, I am thinking about that cheesecake and going down the ploughmans lunch combined with Tarte tatin and a toffee apple to adorn it route.
      Bye for now and many thanks again for that support xxxx


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